On the first real day of our trip, the day after Christmas, we explored Lumpini Park! Now I’ve never been to New York, but as far as I know, this place is Bangkok’s equivalent to Central Park – a huge green space in the center of the metropolis. What was meant to be a pretty restful day after 6 hours sleep and a 24 hour trek to get here the day before ended in an unexpectedly big adventure.

The park itself is pretty huge – in fact according to Google Maps, it’s 1km long on each side and roughly square, so we walked around 2km from one corner to the other. The park attracts a large range of people with the activities available from swan boat paddling to intense gym body-building. We chose to eat some fruit sitting under a tree, then walk around the park and try to find some monitor lizards.

We ended up spending around 2 and a half hours at Lumpini Park and could definitely have spent more if we walked around the entire perimeter, however we didn’t want to be late for the snake handling show at the Snake Farm so cut our visit short. Next time we will hire a swan boat and paddle around for sure!

Watch us try the fruit and walk around the park below!

Love always,Jem & Jal

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