Jem & Jal

Two little married kiwis exploring the world, starting with Bangkok Thailand.

We chose Bangkok for our first adventure as it’s super easy to navigate and has so many points of interest to us – food, shopping, culture and excitement. It’s also really cheap to get around and stay here, so we could afford to stay for two whole weeks instead of only one elsewhere.

We knew before we left that we wanted to make something really special and memorable out of our honeymoon, so we decided to film as much as possible and make video guides to help other people plan their trip to ‘the big mango’. We hope to return later in 2017 or early 2018 to create some fresh content after we get through editing this lot. Hope to see you over on our Youtube channel! ❤


Do you want to work with us, or have us feature your business/product next time we visit and film in Bangkok (possibly October 2017)? Please get in touch…